A message from Shawn Baldacchino

Dear Volunteers and Donors,

The first PhD project funded by ALIVE comes to term, successfully reaching the research objectives.

As part of the Breast Cancer Research group, the project focused on the triple negative breast cancer, that to date lacks effective therapy. Evidence of a new class of breast cancer that can be treated with a drug, currently studied within the research group, was discovered. This is the first and most important step to test the possible use of a therapy for specific group of patients. Through this project the group was able to set up new advanced technologies used for the diagnosis of breast cancer. The funds donated by ALIVE 2013 were fundamental to obtain these results that formed the basis for a number of projects that will support translation of the findings to the clinic.

I wish to thank all the cyclists and everyone who donated as they have allowed me to dedicate my full commitment to breast cancer research during my PhD and I am now able to pursue my career in this field.

Thank you
Warmest Regards
Dr Shawn Baldacchino PhD

Recipient of the Scholarship:
Breast Cancer Project 2014-2016 through ACBF and RIDT
Co-ordinated by Prof Christian Scerri and Prof Godfrey Grech
Department of Physiology & Biochemistry and the Department of Pathology
Faculty of Medicine & Surgery
University of Malta